Monday, December 7, 2009

Yes, I am back (Too Much Thanksgiving Fun

I kept meaning to post the past couple of weeks, but my mom came in for Thanksgiving and DD was home from preschool all week. So between the cooking and relaxing with mom, the children, DH etc.

Anyway, I have actually written out some posts that I will be adding to my site and have some ideas to liven up the site. DH is taking a course on web design, so once his semester is over I will volunteer my site as a guinea pig, lol.

On the Latin Mass front, tomorrow is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception or as DD would say, a big party day. More than any other feast, to me it really illustrates just how good our God is and how much he can do in our lives. God allowed Mary to be born without original sin, the only human to receive this grace. Keep in mind, Adam and Eve were not born, they were created and Jesus was born, true God and True Man. Mary was completely one of us.

Our Silver Spring congregation will have a low mass at 11:00am so I will be taking an early lunch hour tomorrow! I am just so happy to be able to attend an extra TLM during the week 3 times in the next month (Christmas Day and New Years Day).