Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ok, I am really back now- Palm Sunday 2010

It has been an eventful winter. 3 blizzards, a child who managed to get sick with every bug passing through our state, a family weddinga and a sick father. I am taking an ecclesiastical Latin class because I have wanted to study Latin for some time and it was on Saturday am so the time was perfect. I am also taking a music theory class to start helping me develop my music/singing ability again. Couple that with a computer that refused to connect to the internet and a husband taking classes (and using the other computer) and that added up to months of just quick peaks on-line (no blogging at work for me).

My computer is now healthy (thanks D!) so I am going to try to be consistent and have much to share.

The BIG news is the parish closest to where I live (our geographical parish) started a TLM the first Sunday of Lent. It is at 5pm. Now this church was build with no thought of the TLM on anyones mind though it does have some touches to elevate it above some of the meeting hall style churhes. The station of the cross look like the stations, the statues of Joseph and Mary are side by side, but do have some presence and there is a very nice painting of the parish patron saint on one of the walls. There is a wall bas relief type mural that distracts me to no end if I let it, but the parish does have perpetual adoration and has always had good preaching and teaching from the priests. The attendance has been decent- in the 70-80 people range I think.

It is a low mass now, but I will be trying to see if there are some people who would help us start a schola. Yea! To be able to sing chant again and not just at seminars. I was hoping we could get something together in time for Easter, but we will be going back home to Ohio.

I experienced my first TLM Palm Sunday mass. I went to the 8am one as they were having a high mass and the afternoon was was going to be a low mass with no procession and the abreviated gospel (since that was going to be father's 6th mass of the weekend). It was beautiful The evening mass was nice and there was even a larger crowd- I estimated about 120 people.

We will get to experience the Holy Thursday mass and Good Friday service in the TLM in Ohio. No Easter vigil in the TLM unless I felt like driving over an hour to Dayton, so the plan is to attend the mass at our old parish, which will be N.0. but reverent.