Thursday, November 19, 2009

So, a new translation of the mass

The US Catholic bishops voted today to proceed with new new translations of the Roman Missal. Hmmm, reminds me when I looked at the English translations in my 1662 missals and saw....English translations. For a bit a though ran through my mind...why did they need to re-translate what had been translated? I know they added Eucharistic prayers 2-4 etc, but I wondered, why do all that and make all of those changes? More on that later. In the mean time, at least at daily mass the Confiteor will not be merrily skipping over he mea culpas. Yes, Virginia, it is good for our souls to recognize and acknowledge that we mess up.

I love some comments I have read indicating some "liberal" Catholics don't like the new translations as they don't use "everyday English".... Um, so the folk songs, banners and kindergarten theology maybe were not the best way to encourage a thinking, prayerful, eucharistic people of God? Go figure.

I think I need to start praying a novena that the bishops will vote to make at least one weekend mass in each parish a latin Novus Ordo....that might make some wall start falling.

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