Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Muppet philosophy- they have it right.

I finally got to take DD to see The Muppet Movie. Yes, I know it has been out for over a month. I have fond memories of watching The Muppet Show with my mom and sister- it was must see tv each week. I would put that show in the line of shows meant for children that had more than enough content to keep parents engaged, such as The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show and The Wonderful World of Disney.

Anyway, saw the movie and I laughed, I cried (The Rainbow Connection like the end of Charlotte's Web gets me every time) and it was one of the few movies I have seen in recent years that I feel was worth the price of admission.

One piece of dialog fairly early in the movie really struck me. Several characters were discussing some issues and one asked what was the best present anyone could give someone. The character was aiming at laughter, as the correct answer. The character that answered said "children". OK, what is the second best present- "ice cream", ok what is the third best answer, "laughter". Then the characters did a re-cap and confirmed, the best present anyone could give someone was a child.

Now, I don't expect any movie to go all Aristotle and Plato on me, even those that are trying to be deep. This moment was in a pop culture movie and just stated what is not news to many of us- Children are a gift. They are such a precious gift. Our society needs to remember that. Children are not an entitlement or a "thing" on your bucket list. They are gift and I think a reminder that God really does love us.

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