Saturday, October 2, 2010

Calendar Finds-aka how to avoid your mind playing tricks on you

I must admit that given my choice, I would love to belong to a parish that was strictly TLM. One of the hazards/challenges of attending daily mass in the OF and Sundays in the EF is keeping track of what feast day it is, what saint is being commemorated and what is the liturgical color for the day. And don't get me started on what week in Ordinary time it is in any given week.

We have an Infant of Prague statue with vestments for all of the liturgical colors: white, green, red and purple (no rose yet, but that color is for only two Sundays a year) as a way of teaching our daughter the seasons of the liturgical year as well a way of sanctifying the year.

So, in the post Vatican II period, the seasons of time were renamed, liturgical remembrances were jettisoned (Ember Days) and saint's feast days were moved around, feast days are not celebrated on the correct day, but on the following Sunday (Ascension). Case in point, this past Friday was the Solemnity (for OCDS Carmelites) of St. Therese of Liseux in the NO, but that feast is today in the EF (though suppressed by the Sunday except in those parish's whose patron is St. Therese or for Carmelites.

The result, is almost every week a disconnect between what we are praying at Sunday mass and in my breviary (Benedictine Diurnal) and what we are praying at mass during the week. Once during Pentecost season (I think) this past May, I thought Father was wearing red because of the season but it was for a martyr who had a different feast day in the EF.

So, what is an already busy mom to do? One BIG help has been a wall calendar I found at a bookstore last year. In one of my web searches a few months ago, I found the company that makes the calendar and some other wonderful items. It is a calendar that has what the season and feast is for EF and OF. What really sets this one apart is it also has a guide to the liturgical color for both EF and OF. I know Tan Books also has a dual calendar that has both forms, but it does not indicate the liturgical colors. I also have an EF wall calendar from Seraphim at work (because it is smaller) but it does not help with knowing what the OF is that day.

I highly recommend you check out the Saints Galore calendar. They also make a lovely rosary book that has the prayers in Latin, English and Spanish and a pro-life luggage tag as well as lovely holy cards, and cards including spiritual & prayer bouquets and name day cards.

I get no money for this, I am just a satisfied customer who is a lot less confused.

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