Thursday, October 21, 2010

Diurnal/Brevarium Romanum vs Liturgia Horarum Round !

I do prefer the TLM and I make no apologies. My preference would be to have the ability to go to a TLM every day of the week (ie including daily masses). It would make it so much easier to just follow one calendar instead of having my feet in both OF and EF form worlds. The benefit to being two-footed, though, it it reminds me to pray and try to do what I can to encourage the Reform of the Reform.

I have been struggling with a change in our family routine that has been making my attempts to pray from the 1962 Breviary....non-existent many days. I have the 1 volume Benedictine Diurnal, but the offices's were just longer in 1962. Even in English, Lauds is just longer than the liturgy of the hours (LOTH). I do have Fr. Stravinskas' 1 volume Lauds and Vespers, but it does not have the offices of Saints and of course it is based on OF. I think I am going to try it, in addition to Compline from the Ignatius Press, so I can make certain I am faithful to the prayer I am called to pray as part of my Carmelite vocation. I found a couple of sites with the LOTH in Latin so I can print off office for saint's days.

I will re-evalute this once Baronius comes out with their reprint of the Collegeville Breviarium Romanum. There was a discussion earlier this week on Fr. Z's blog about the very issue of consistency in liturgical worship. My main goal, though, is to try to be faithful and pray, and not get hung up on sides of the debate.

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