Sunday, October 17, 2010

Modesy vs the Vulgarity-Deal with it Crowd

There was an article by the Washington Post style editor regarding a teen actress/singer who gained fame, money and a legion of tween and pre-teen fans and whose latest performances in former years, would have only been seen on a burlesque stage or "mens" club. After pooh poohing critics who labeled the girl's latest exploit vulgar (making me wonder if she knows the meaning of that word), the writer literally told concerned parents to just deal with it, it is just a phase and the girl is seeking not to be a poorly adjusted former child star.

I, for one, will not deal with it because my number one job as a parent is to raise up my children for God and to raise them in a way that will set them on a path they can follow to heaven. Really. Comments like that article and other things I have noticed are what have led me to make a concerted effort in the past year and a half to model modesty and femininity for my daughter and to stress the importance of modesty to her. Unless our society wakes up and states changing, she will live in a world that has lost its sense of modesty and decorum, but there are still those who know and value those qualities.

If we "get over it" we cannot be surprised to wake up and find our daughter's devalued and used and our son's incapable of being men who can love a wife and lead a family.

Modest and appropriate dress in church is a start. For Catholics, when we go to mass, Jesus is truly present in the tabernacle, period. Because our God is Triune, but One God, church is truly God's house and God- Father, Son and Holy Spirit are present. Because Jesus is always attended by angels, Angels are there. I never understand why someone who, if they were going to meet the president at the White House, would not hesitate to dress up would think jeans or a low cut top or spaghetti straps or shorts is ok to wear to church because it is comfortable or clean or because it is hot outside. We are going into the presence of God to Worship.

Modest skirts are easier to find because longer skirts have been "in" at alot of retailers. Blouses can be a challenge and with girls the challenge is finding skirts and dresses long enough. There are a lot of retailers with cute dresses and skirts, but too many of them are just barely at the knee if not above.



I HIGHLY recommend Phyllisjean for beautifully made womens and girls blouses. I have gotten rid of all of my other blouses that always tended to gape. They have beautifully feminine skirts and girls jumpers and bloomers (so they can run and jump and tumble and play, yet still be modest.) A special shout out for their modest doll dresses, which so enchanted my daughter that her doll babies have not been naked for weeks.
And you know that thing about keeping the Sabbath day holy (which should mean no shopping) that we all to often ignore. You will not be buying on Sunday as they shut down the sales part of their store. You can look at the selections, but no buying until Monday.


I will write more about head veiling later. In short, to those who argue that it is not in the current code of a cannon law, by 1983, there was a definite trend to ignore things being done that were not permitted then to just give in and allow them so no way were they even going to attempt to deal with the issue of veiling.

I found this shop on Etsy through a post on another blog. Beautiful and reasonably priced women's veils made by a homeschooling mother. Not just triangles, but round veils and princess style in soft laces.

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