Saturday, November 6, 2010

Continuity- it is there folks, if you are not blinded by the 60's

An interesting post in this blog. Thanks to Bishop Morlino for standing up to priest who are just trying to insure that the parish's and souls in their responsibility are oriented towards God.

As is evident from the hysteria of many who are full of doom and gloom over the forthcoming new mass translation, there are many who are so deep in the misinformation and mis-steps towards translations, the faith, catechesis that any hint that the way things were in 1979 is they way they should be now is anathema. Unfortunately, there are many who do not see that our current crisis in so many areas, can and is being remedied by finding the "babies that were too often thrown out with the bathwater."

I was able to attend a N.O. Latin mass last night. I actually thought it might be a TLM since the bulletin said Latin, but the parish uses the Adoremus Hymnal (yea!)and seeing the altar servers preparations it was not hard to figure out that it would be a N.O. mass. It was the Latin N.O. mass I have attended in some time and other than the readings and the introductory and closing prayers, the mass was in Latin. I always follow the mass more closely in Latin than in English (since I don't have to "think" when I am at a regular N.O. mass). Really made me happy that in a year and a couple of weeks we can say farewell to an English translation that really does not do justice to the Latin or the true meaning of the mass. As I said in my first posts, I do prefer the TLM, but my reality is that except for rare occasions, my daily mass experience is the English N.O.

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