Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why the lost their minds

I have managed to catch a cold which is now in my chest. Trying to remember to offer it up, which is always a challenge for me, possibly because the concept of offering up your daily aches, frustrations, etc was not exactly taught in Baptist or Methodist circles.

I also now have an 18 year old at home as my son had a birthday last week. Still trying to figure out how time went by that quickly. I am also in disbelief that next week is Thanksgiving! We are heading home for the holidays (Graeters & Masseys!) and looking forward to daily mass in a beautiful church using a communion rail and a 9am TLM (instead of the crack 'o dawn or afternoon (nap time) ghetto.

I have been able to catch up on a few blogs and posts and it has been interesting. One of the things that has happened since I started attending the TLM is I understand much more the attitudes of some of those in the traditional camp. I don't condone extremism, but with knowledge has come understanding. There are not many people who could take years, even decades of being told they were wrong and what they were requesting (TLM's) was reactionary and backwards and wrong unscathed. It is hard to know that what you are being told is wrong because you actually read the documents (Latin was no longer the language of the church, masses is various languages was unity and Gregorian chant was out), and live with knowing the majority of people are being told the wrong thing and have listened.

It is hard to look to the saints, but there are many examples of those who were criticized or thought to be wrong, who were later vindicated. Take strength in that and pray for our Holy Father Pope Benedict. Unity is better and stronger than dis-unity and make no mistake, we are under severe attack.

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