Friday, December 3, 2010

Advent Update & Baronius Press Breviary

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving though it was quite hectic the week before and has been very busy since my return. Working on a paper for my Old Testament class has been eye opening. Nothing like reading the Vatican II documents for yourself. I will update more later.

We do have our Advent wreath up and our Infant of Prague is in His violet robes. I am trying to finish up house cleaning and de-cluttering as part of this Advent. I was able to sent two boxes of items for consignment (deo gratias) and I am trying to move my heart towards simplicity (very hard for a pack rat (sigh).

I did see an update this morning on the website regarding their latin-english roman breviary. I don't know how long it usually takes to get a Concordat but perhaps by Lent. Need more pennies in my piggy bank.

Roman Breviary - Breviarium Romanum
Latin-English Breviary [side-by-side]
Flexible cover (Black Leather), 3-Volume Set, Size: 4.5" x 7", Item No: 5500

The excellent news is that the final corrections from the Censor have been received a few days ago. We anticipate that the implementation of the corrections and the finalising of the Breviary will take a couple of weeks.

After this, we will formally apply for the Concordat cum originali to be granted – the necessary approval that liturgical texts require in order to be used and also to ensure that the text is accurate. As soon as the permission is granted, the printing will commence.

We are very grateful for all the prayers and support we have received in order to complete this huge undertaking.

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