Friday, December 31, 2010

Last blog post of the end of the 1st decade of this century

Getting ready to say goodbye, eastern time, to the year of Our Lord two thousand ten. No I don't say twenty ten, I can spring for one additional word to be precise. Because we mark time based on anno domini, the year of Our Lord so it has been two thousand ten years since the beginning of a.d. time. Belaboring a point? I am sure, but I have had three cups of coffee today which is two more than normal due to work and two take home final exams to finish and I am feeling rather alert. I started pondering on the small ways we can remember and recall whose we are and what we should be about.

Every year has challenges while we are on this earth, some great and some small. We can grow, be challenged and offer up our sorrows, but it is also good when we get the small consolations that are also part of life.

May this next year bring us closer to realizing the kingdom of God here on earth.

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