Saturday, November 19, 2011

One week til we say goodbye to the avocado green and harvest gold mass translation!

Yes, I know it has been forever since I have posted. The best laid plans plus der kinder, work, classes and DH now working nights. I have written some brilliant posts in my mind, but I resolve to do better.

Untold reams of blog entries have been spent on the reason for the translation, hopes for the translation, complaints about the translation. My perspective, since my daily mass choices are (given my life, traffic in this area and gas prices), OF mass or no mass every little bit helps. My usual daily mass parish started using the Benedictine altar arrangement about 6 months ago which is very nice. Especially since the priests can now focus on Jesus during the canon, instead of on our beaming faces (or not so beaming at the 6:30am mass).

Two of the notable and excellent changes will be to the Confiteor in restoring the mea culpa's that were always there in the Latin but which were handily ignored by the avocado green translators. And no, I am not afraid reciting the mea culpa's and striking her chest will harm the self esteem of our youngest or be too negative. Aside from the fact that she, and the rest of her pre-school friends, are doing quite well in the self esteem/I am marvelous department, children do need to learn humility and learn that sin is real and that is why we had to be redeemed.
The other is the "Domine non sum dignus..." which will again bring us to mind of the story of the centurion and his servant, which always gives me a (good) chill when I read it.

I am not expecting a miracle especially among those still beating the "the people are stupid and won't be able to understand consubstantial" crowd. Note to the fishwrap folks and other nay-sayers, repeat after me "Latin rite Catholics are not stupid". I did have a lovely dream the other night where I attended mass somewhere and it was the new translation, sung and with chant.

Step by step and brick by brick (to borrow a phrase).

My new copy of Scepter Press's Daily Roman Missal is supposed to be sent out on Monday and I am hoping to have it by Wednesday, yea!

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  1. We had a talk by Msgr. Morris on Saturday regarding the new translation. His comment on the "Consubstatial" debate: (To paraphrase) Look it up, folks! This is all part of making the Mass a part of your daily life and preparing for it in real, tangible ways. I really can't wait to hear the new translation!