Thursday, November 24, 2011

Our country has been exceedingly blessed- Deo Gratias!

Our county is like no other- something that we forget at our peril.

I saw that the young American's arrested in Egypt are supposed to be released. I am certain there will be many people who will not take a breath in relief until they see them walking off of a plan. Perhaps in their education there was an emphasis on syncretism and solidarity, and not enough on the fact that our county has been uniquely blessed. Not the least of these blessings is our Constitution and Bill of Rights, which gives us a freedom which those in other countries can often only dream.

In the United States, you can “occupy” your Lay-Z-Boy or any public space you want within reason. You can get a permit for pretty much any political cause or issue and unless you start throwing rocks or bottles, the police will generally just watch and make certain anyone “anti you” does not start an offensive. If you want to check out said parade or public demonstration, in general no problems.

This is not the case in many other countries.

Yet another reason why the thing that concerns me most about the future for my children is those who negate and label the beliefs and reasoning of others, because they don't agree. Like springs, freedoms- real or imagined, can disappear.

I thank God for ours.

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