Monday, November 21, 2011

Chapel Veils- Please sir may I have another! Support and Holiday gift guide

Ok, I was stretching with that one, but I am looking for something catchy. I have been veiling for several years at all masses, TLM and OF and whenever I am in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. I know of several blog posts and sites with women discussing this issue and some who want to but hesitate. There is a booklet I found that was written a few years ago by some young women in college. I will find it and post the information later, but they give a very good and short explanation of why they veil. For me, it is not that I feel I am better or holier, far from it. It has nothing to do with the reasons many Muslim women wear hijab. For those tempted to lob that chestnut, I am Catholic and I just cover when in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

Arguably the biggest loss in these 40 plus years since the end of Vatican II is the knowledge of the True Presence and reverence of the same. Veiling helps me keep recollected and focused on Jesus. It also helps me set aside any stresses and issues of daily life to participate in worship. Jesus is really and truly present in the Eucharist and the angels are there, in church with us, also adoring him. I also veil as a sign I am trying (and daily fail pretty spectacularly) to be in imitation of the Blessed Mother and the love and humility in which she lived.

A tangent to that is how I dress. Regardless of who is in the White House, if I received an invitation to meet the president or if I was attending some function at the Senate or House of Representatives I would not wear a sweatshirt, one of my house skirts and my slippers. I would dress appropriately for that event. When I go to work, I wear clothes appropriate for what I am doing that day and when I go to church on Sunday, my dress reflects that I am there to worship.

If someone is paying more attention to me than the mass and Jesus, they need to work (along with me) on custody of the eyes (look it up). For me, veiling also is a link to my grandmothers and their "church lady hats". I know some ladies that veil stick with black or white, but I like color.

For those that want to begin veiling, but are shy, you can start with a hat or a scarf, especially if you are in the northern hemisphere and it is cold. Just wear it outside in the cold and keep it on during mass.

You can also try snoods, headbands or other similar covers. This is an Etsy store which has some nice snood styles for women and girls:

This site has some lovely headband styles and styles that you can wear just to keep your hair back:

For veils, I highly recommend two sites:

The woman who has this Etsy shop is not only from my home state (yea!) but her veils are lovely and she will make a custom order. Her veils are made of soft lace and she also makes veil "purses" to keep your veil from getting lost or messed up in your purse. She also has in my opinion, the best t-shirt design for Confirmation ever and other items.

This owner of this site also uses a beautiful soft lace. I believe she makes all of the veils to order and she is popular so if you want to order from her for Christmas, get to stepping!

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