Sunday, November 27, 2011

To disappointment of media no heads exploded at masses with new translation

The media in the U.S. can be funny. Not rotflol funny but sheesh funny. Several papers and news websites have run articles in the last weeks and days solemnly stating the mass won't sound the same. The WaPo article today was, "Will the New Mass cause confusion." I have read such phrases as "not since Vatican II have such sweeping changes been made" and my personal favorite quote "it's going to be like Vatican II all over again. Ummm, not at all like the changes the first Sunday in Advent 1968 when people came to mass and without any warning, it was entirely in English on a table and the priest was staring at them the entire mass instead of praying with the people facing (liturgical) east.

Doing things by rote can have its advantages at times. When it is oh dark hundred and the morning, it helps to not have to think while you get up, turn off the alarm clock and start the daily routine. Breathing and blinking and walking are all things that, in a sense, we do by rote- most of us don't have to think about them, we just do it.

I remain unconvinced that the responses of the mass are a good thing to be rote. One reason I am very happy to be able to attend the EF mass is I have to participate and I have to actively participate. Even though I know how the mass proceeds, I know many of the responses and good amounts of the prayers, I am always paying attention or being recollected. I focus. At the OF, since I know English, it is all to easy to let the distractions of the day creep in and I often am not really listening to the prayers. I try and it is not on purpose, but English is ordinary, I don't have to work at it. Latin means worship and I have to remain focused and attentive.

On the other side of the pond, our media is spreading cheer by amusing some of our English friends who were given permission by their bishops to begin using the new translation several months ago. People adjusted fine and no one will look askance when you accidentally say "and also with you".

It would be amusing to go to masses on Christmas to listen for those C & E folks who have not idea, but I should behave and not be snarky.

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