Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We are so Blessed- we have the luxury to disagree about liturgy

We begin the month of November, the month of Holy Souls, with news of a horrible crime against the faithful in Iraq. I am angry, but mindful of our duty to pray for the poor souls in purgatory. The sufferings of the Church in the Middle East illustrates how easy is our life here in the U.S. on so many levels. Our brothers and sisters in Iraq and other countries in the Middle East are surrounded by misguided people who, have no regard for their own, much less the people of God.

No one here has to endure physical fear of going to mass. Even in the "worst" crime ridden neighborhood, you can at least go to mass during the day. We even have the luxury of disagreeing about the music and form of the mass.

Let us remember to pray for those killed in the massacre the other day, pray for an end to the violence and to pray for all of the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

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